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Xin YiChang: ten years focus on "solid crystal"
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At the end of the fifth high-level LED Golden Globe Award in the selection, the new Yichang election of solid crystal equipment all the way through, beat the pack won the Golden Globe. The following is the "LED good product" magazine general manager of our company Mr. Song Changning interview, we come to see our style it!
At the end of the fifth high-level LED Golden Globe Award in the selection, the new Yichang election of solid crystal equipment all the way through, beat the pack won the Golden Globe. The following is the "LED good product" magazine general manager of our company Mr. Song Changning interview, we come to see our style it!

New Yichang: ten years focus on "solid crystal"
Text / correspondent Xiong Yuheng
This year, the domestic LED industry finally out of the market downturn, all the way triumph. According to the reporter visited that many LED business orders are ranked very full, and even capacity can not keep up with the needs of customers, driving the entire LED industry set off a new round of expansion of the tide. And as the entire LED industry chain status is particularly important equipment manufacturers, also ushered in the development of the golden age.
Among them, domestic equipment by virtue of the excellent performance, high degree of automation, innovation speed, after-sales service in a timely manner, designed to meet the needs of users and other characteristics, increasingly favored by domestic customers. And ASM as the representative of the imported equipment, its market share is being gradually compressed.
"The localization of the equipment has become increasingly clear, which has brought a good opportunity for the development of domestic equipment enterprises." Song Changning, general manager of Shenzhen Xinyi Chang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinyi Chang"), Demand continued to expand, as of July 2014 new Yichang has completed the full year 2013 sales in 2014, the new Yichang only in the field of equipment sales will be more than 300 million yuan.
As a well-known domestic LED equipment business, the new Yichang will always focus on the development of solid crystal machine field. After nearly a decade of painstaking research, its solid crystal equipment performance indicators have reached the industry-leading level, and to create the industry's outstanding solid crystal machine brand - HOSON, domestic and foreign customers have been highly recognized package.

Focus on winning the market
"Previously, the domestic packaging equipment is represented by ASM as the representative of the import of equipment, and now this market structure has been greatly improved." Song Changning said that after years of development, the performance of domestic packaging equipment has been greatly improved, Part of the domestic equipment manufacturers equipment performance is close to even more than the level of imported equipment, and the price advantage is very obvious.
"Solid crystal equipment, for example, usually domestic solid crystal equipment prices are only imported equipment, 2/3, or even lower, which is increasingly dilute profits of the packaging industry, to reduce equipment for everyone's temptation, is undoubtedly very large "In Song Changning view, domestic equipment and will replace the imported equipment, a comprehensive occupation of the domestic packaging market.
As Song Changning said, LED equipment demand expansion is accompanied by a sharp decline in prices, increasingly competitive, many equipment manufacturers are in the incremental increase of the embarrassing situation. So how to seek new profit growth point, to promote the development of enterprises continue to break, to break the stalemate of the situation, become the domestic LED equipment business imminent development difficult.
However, in reference to the LED equipment industry encountered the development bottleneck, Song Changning appears calm and calm. Because in his view, the new Yichang focus on the field of solid crystal equipment, take the market segmentation, which has become a new Yichang bottlenecks, continue to lead an important reason for peers.
"The industry has an old saying, 'do a good job in the market, do not worry about no food to eat.' Xin Yichang focus on solid crystal equipment, can be said to be 100% of the investment." Song Changning said, concerned about the market segment first competitors ; Second, the company can be more energy and resources used in equipment innovation and improvement, to create other competitors can not match the market competitiveness.
Song Changning mentioned that it is the new Yichang 100 years of 100% investment, and according to the actual needs of customers to customize the production of equipment for customers to create the maximum value of its solid crystal equipment in the industry is legendary. Today, the new Yichang cooperation has more than 1,500 customers. And related to the relevant information of these customers, Song Changning recorded a full six notebooks.
Perhaps, the specific data to better reflect the new Yichang in the field of solid crystal equipment extraordinary achievements. "At present, the new Yichang solid crystal equipment in the domestic domestic equipment market share of more than 70%, annual sales of more than 300 million yuan, which in the domestic equipment counterparts is very rare." Song Changning said.

Looking forward to innovation
At present, the entire LED industry profits are constantly diluted, forced by cost pressures, many companies want to scale production to solve this problem, automation equipment sought after by everyone. "LED and then maintain the traditional manual production model has been outdated, the introduction of automated production equipment has become the enterprises to reduce production costs and enhance the competitiveness of the key." Song Changning mentioned.
"After the packaging equipment more pursuit of speed and capacity.Now to enter the era of automated production, we pay more attention to the overall performance of the equipment, especially in the equipment accuracy, stability and reliability." Song Changning said that the era of automated production The emergence of LED equipment business innovation and quality control of the ability to put forward higher requirements.
According to Song Changning introduction, the new Yichang annual R & D investment in equipment for more than 10 million, and set up a 80 R & D team to ensure that the new Yichang innovation. "New Yichang equipment R & D personnel, the vast majority of companies are self-cultivation out of their understanding of equipment, understand the market, understand customer needs, and know how to meet these needs through reasonable design."
Reporters learned that the new Yichang solid crystal equipment, both both 'speed, accuracy, cost-effective' three major advantages. To get the Golden Globe of the solid crystal machine HDB852P / GS100, for example, the capacity of 20 and 40K per hour, respectively, compared to peers to enhance 1.5 times; double box technology line, double into the double refueling only 3 seconds; Up to ± 0.05 mil, the repetition rate of ± 0.05 mil.
In Song Changning view, equipment enterprises in addition to a sense of innovation, forward-looking strategic vision is also very important. He told reporters that the new Yichang three years ago has begun for the flip-chip technology research and development of the corresponding equipment, which for the follow-up development of the company to create favorable conditions.
"For the equipment business, the vision must be placed in front of the entire market, even if some ideas at the time will be the lack of the corresponding market, but I believe that will always be used, and the current development of full swing inversion technology, Years ago to make the attempt is correct, as Ma said, 'dream or to have, in case of it?' "Song Changning ridicule Road.

Service to create a win-win situation
"Xin Yichang treat customers attitude is, win-win cooperation, to create the greatest value for customers, and strive to miss any one of the high-quality customers." Song Changning that LED equipment business while selling equipment, more is also selling service. Only through the quality of service, and customers can achieve long-term stable cooperation.
In Song Changning view, only the customer really recognized your equipment, in order to carry out in-depth cooperation with you. "New Yichang and customers of each cooperation, are trying not to do so in no hurry.
In the aftermarket, the new Yichang annual sales for the funds will be more than 10 million yuan. "After the sale is not the main purpose of profit, we give customers the quality assurance period are more than three years.However, the new Yichang equipment, we can run in our meticulous after-sales for five years or even longer, Human services for us to win more high-quality customers.Now there are many second-hand market HOSON solid crystal equipment in circulation, indicating that our customers are recognized for our products, is satisfied with our after-sales service, do not Worried about buying a product, after the sale can not find people.
In addition, the industry continue to stir up trouble, part of the accessories, equipment manufacturers, materials business suffered a great loss. In response to this situation Song Changning said that the long payment period of the contract is like a gamble, companies need to according to their actual situation reasonable allocation of chips, to carefully assess the risk of the contract. This is for LED equipment business, it is particularly important.
It is by virtue of a focused attitude, forward-looking vision, perfect after-sale, the new Yichang LED equipment in the industry in the rankings, always in the best. And just in the end of the fifth senior LED Golden Globe Award (front-end packaging equipment category) in the selection, the new Yichang election solid crystal equipment all the way through, beat the pack won the Golden Globe trophy.
"The new Yichang goal is to do solid crystal equipment field leader, and now we are from this goal has been getting closer." Song Changning finally concluded.

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